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Dania Lukey



Dania Lukey, Handmade
5033 Olive Oak Way
Carmichael, CA 95608
2023 Open Studio:

About Dania Lukey

I make functional pottery because, much like architecture, it is a narrative medium.  By this I mean its nature lives within a sequence of events.  I love the idea that what I make lives within this sequence of events: that when my customers build their own story my pots are a part of it.

Moving from gas fired reduction to mid-range oxidation challenged my use of materials to continue conveying the entire process of making. I use a blend of clays to achieve the color I want and mix my own glazes.  My aim is a quiet surface on a simple form, and that interaction brings a surprising amount of variation.

My time in nature, my study of first architecture and more recently Chado (tea gatherings), inform the making of my pots. It has been said that in all things tea utensils are 7 parts function and 3 parts aesthetic. I strive for that balance throughout my work.

My family moved a lot, often from coast to coast, so home wasn’t really a place but the objects we took with us.  Though I consider myself settled in this area, I look for echoes of that home in each piece I make.

Dania Lukey

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