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Elise Waelder

Mixed Media, Painting


5203 11th Avenue
Sacramento, CA
2023 Open Studio:

About Elise Waelder

No matter where you are on earth, light and color are present and constantly influencing us. When combined, color and light have the power to shift our attention, alter our moods, mold our actions, and influence the way we interact with the world. Whether you're sitting at a stop light, picking out a new outfit, or deciding if a piece of food is edible, light and color affect even our most basic decisions on a daily basis. 

It is the power of color and light that inspires me and influences my work. As I absorb the world around me I begin to understand it through swaths of color and use it as a means of self discovery and therapy. In my lifetime I’ve experienced loss, love, heartbreak, joy, frustration, anxiety, depression, and a whole host of other emotions. Throughout all these experiences, art has been a constant force that guides me through it. It is through my art that I have learned how to dissect, cope, and come to terms with myself and my emotions. It is what has kept me positive and lively even at my lowest points. I would be a shell of myself without art and specifically, color. 

Through color, line, movement, and texture I have the ability to express and share emotions in a digestible way. I not only use art as a way of learning about myself, I use it as a means of spreading my own happiness to as many people as I can. I believe that happiness is contagious and happy people tend to be more patient, understanding, and willing to help others. We need more of this energy in the world and it is my intention to spread it. 

Services Offered

Takes Commissions, Teaches Classes

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