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Kanika Marshall

Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textiles


Kanika Marshall Studio
9137 Santorini Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758
2023 Open Studio:

About Kanika Marshall

Author Kathy Lynne Marshall is also a visual artist. Through her business, Art by Kanika, she hand sculpts clay and recycled metal into spiritual sculptures that possess the strength and majesty of ancient African cultures.

Kathy chose the name Kanika intentionally from a book of 15,000 names. It means black cloth in Swahili and represents, for her, the power of African fabrics, one of her favorite media, along with recycled metal, shells, glass, stone and beads. The connection between humanity and the Earth is the foundation of her artwork.

Kanika’s hands seem driven by a spiritual force to shape the clay and it seems at times that her African ancestors are working through her fingers. Their creative essence shines through.

Her formal study includes college classes with renowned potter and sculptor Ruth Rippon, and sculptor Yoshio Taylor, and she was introduced to welding by fire-and-light welder Kristen Hoard. Kanika has taught sculpture and vision board classes for the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, at schools, and at her private studio.

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