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Lauren Forcella



The Dancer's Pantry Shoppe
11226 Gold Express Drive #203
Gold River, CA 95670
2023 Open Studio:

About Lauren Forcella


I have been called a translator for Mother Earth. A former geologist, I strive to translate onto canvas the emotional essence and wildness of this beautiful planet. Contemporary impressionism is my genre and working in oils, my work is drenched in bold colors and alive with impasto brushwork. I work "au premier coup", a one-layer painting technique where the painting (or each section of a large painting) is completed on the first pass, placing thick brushstrokes where I want them to stay without reworking. For me, this directness is the best way to translate the aliveness and connection I feel between myself and earth/nature.

It’s hard to explain how close I was to Nature growing up. Childhood was survival and chaos; what saved me were my own private hideaways in magical places in the woods. This is the taproot of my artistic development, these years of mystical oneness with Nature as guardian, where I began experiencing Nature as supernature. To this day, alone in wild places, I weep over the unconditional love I feel surrounding me from Nature.

When I left my geology career, and 27 years ago, began my self-taught journey of painting this spectacular planet, it was and is a full realizing of my purpose. It is a radical act for me to serve Nature through painting. My dream is to translate the essence of the natural world onto canvas so powerfully that it awakens people to their connection with Earth, inspiring more love, care, and ultimately, a harmonious co-existence. 

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