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Omonivie Okhade



Warehouse Artist Lofts
1108 R St #413
Sacramento, CA 95811
2023 Open Studio:

About Omonivie Okhade

Watch Omonivie's Conversations With Artists Video Here

Omonivie Okhade (pronounced OH-monee-VEE-ay oh-KAH-day) is a Sacramento-based artist who makes jewelry under the brand, Tula in Bloom. Using traditional metalworking techniques, she seeks to articulate inner experiences and connect with wearers investigating their personal journeys. Omonivie’s own winding path informs her work; she graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles with a Master's degree in Health Administration (MHA) and worked in health care management for six years before returning to Northern California in 2011. Long passionate about art, Omonivie revisited the creative interests of her youth and explored new avenues of expression, eventually establishing Tula in Bloom in 2013. More recently, her work was showcased at the De Young Museum Store in San Francisco in conjunction with the touring exhibition, Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, 1963-1983. Inspired by modern art, movement, and the natural world, Omonivie’s minimally structured jewelry invites conversation and connection through joyous self-expression.

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