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Tess Gallagher

Mixed Media


# 103 B
1224 E Street REAR UNIT (Eggplant Alley Access)
Sacramento, CA 95814
2021 Open Studio:

About Tess Gallagher

 Tess Gallagher is a visual artist based in Northern California. She received her Bachelors of Art in Art Studio from California State University, Sacramento in 2014. Her creative practice is centered around the development of drawings that are further informed by her installation. Her gestures are directly connected to the movements found in nature. She facilitates internal environments that further the potential of the external world. Through a process of discovery, she forms continuous lines in the landscape, that become patterns of natural formations. Combined with physical movements, instinct and intuition become visual documentations of her inner life. From the mountains east of Sacramento to the city itself, she is a part of both. Each piece explores feelings of the unknown in relation to the landscape. The body is an instrument, a tool, a vessel and force. 

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