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Bellacera Studios (Joseph)

Mixed Media


Bellacera Studios
2910 Allan Avenue
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Weekend One

About Bellacera Studios (Joseph)

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Nature, with both the macro and micro aspects of the landscape, luminosity, and scientific inquiry inspire my artwork. My particular concern is with how certain qualities of space, light, and pattern may stimulate experiences of connectedness and the transcendence of limited perception. In effect, seeing the everyday world in extraordinary ways. By employing basic design elements such as dots, circles, and lines in both free-form and structured compositions, I endeavor to direct the eye and the imagination towards the rhythmic patterns and mysterious beauty of nature infused with ideas of wholeness.

My media often consists of oils, acrylics, digital imagery, concrete, and resin combined in ways to contrast fluid and atmospheric effects with hard, opaque substances.

My intention is to create radiant paintings where forms emerge and dissolve using the alchemy of color and light to create the experience of seeing something, as if for the first time, before we define, name, and categorize it. In this way, through painting or sculpture, the mystery and awe of discovery and creation is continuously renewed and expanded.

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