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Judith Johnson



2183 Weller Way
Sacramento, CA 95818
Weekend One

About Judith Johnson

Watch Judith's Conversations with Artists Interview here. 

I am a contemplative action-figure. From my semi-feral childhood roaming rural Texas, to my adult life exploring urban environments, I draw inspiration from the intersection of nature and human civilization. My immigrant grandparents fed my fascination with archaeology with nutritious home movies and exotic objects from their regular trips to "the old country" in Lebanon and Syria. My hard-working parents provided mind-opening books, music, and visits to museums. I am a life-long gardener and do not own a car. Walking and cycling are my primary forms of transportation, but also how ideas percolate. 

After receiving a BFA in Studio Art, I worked for awhile in several aspects of technical theater. I still make masks and infuse some drama in my work. Even while working a “day job” and single-parenting two children, I always maintained a studio and kept creating, come Hell or high water. My current studio has several workstations which allow me to work on more than one series. Some themes of these series are: nature, hand tools, masks, maps, tiny objects, reptiles, archaeology. The themes can also overlap and merge. I do not feel constrained to one medium, but use acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, drawing, and assemblage to suit the project at hand. Exuberant colors, patterns, and the division of space are inherent to my style. Narrative and composition are equally important to me. I want the viewer to find their own stories in the work.

I didn’t know a soul in Sacramento when I moved here from Austin TX in 2016. Since then, I have been building a following of collectors and exhibiting my work around California. You can make an appointment to visit my studio by emailing me. My website and Instagram provide samples of my work, but there is always much more to see.

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