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Mary Bartels



2613 14th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Weekend One

About Mary Bartels

It's been 13 years since I fell in love with the art of Silversmithing. In those years I found a whole new outlet my artistic side was craving. Along with my love of beads, I found the techniques of Stone-setting and metal fabrication really brought me so much joy!
Those are just some of the ways I've learned to incorporate new designs in my jewelry.
I use high quality gemstones in my work, along with a variety of textures on the metals.

I retired in 2005, and moved to the Coast--Pacific Grove. Having an ocean view often inspires me, as well as calms my wandering creative thoughts. It is with this in mind that I began attending Monterey Peninsula College studying in various classes in the Metal Arts Dept. I became a Silversmith and work in metal fabrication, as well as lost wax casting. I enjoy setting all natural stones in many kinds of ways. I like to let the stone lead the way. I will sometimes use beads, as I have collected quite a treasure trove of them, but they are not always a necessary part of the design.

The passion for creating in metals moved me out of the classroom and into a home studio where I now create my pieces. I am surrounded by tall trees and a coastal breeze inspiring me while I work. I enjoy collecting new pieces to be set, and I can't wait for the next one!

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