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Melani Grube

Mixed Media


5725 Audrey Way
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Weekend Two

About Melani Grube

Watch Melani's Conversations With Artists Video Here

Growing up in Los Angeles, CA and Reno, NV, Melani Grube always loved and created art, but she never thought of herself as an artist. She went on to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts, and entered the workforce. All along the way she picked up art classes here and there and worked on her own, but still did not embrace her role as an artist. Not until she was faced with a series of unexplained illnesses did she pause and ask herself what she was doing wrong.

A little voice inside her answered, “Commit to becoming a serious artist.”

Melani was no stranger to working from gut feelings for she has also always been intuitive.

While early in life, she sketched and painted in watercolor, when she launched her professional art practice, she found that she had to create from deep within, from that intuitive place that she calls Dreamland. She found that inroad to the deep psyche by creating paint spatters and then, finding the images within those abstract shapes.

Melani uses pen and ink to define the preliminary sketches, and carbon crystal pastels to deepen and focus the piece. Her ultimate goal is always to bring the messages from the subconscious out, to give meaning and correlations and a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Melani exhibits throughout the Sacramento region where she now lives, as well as the Bay Area. She has won awards, including a Best in Show at the Mills Station Arts & Culture Center, and her work has been featured in two magazines. She has also exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum in the 2019 Journey of Hope Exhibit.

This is Melani’s third year participating in the Sac Open Studios Tour and she is very excited to be part of this year’s groundbreaking online format. She says, “Now Dreamland, that has always lived in the electrical environment of our minds, can step into the electrical environment of the waking world through the online experience.”

Services Offered

Takes Commissions, Teaches Classes

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