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Patricia Altschul



2926 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Weekend One

About Patricia Altschul

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Some thoughts on painting:

The life of a painting is realized through working, and quite often by chance and error.

Working images might begin with memories, or from photographs. The photographs act as a visual reference, illuminating puzzles of gesture, perspective and dimension. The work proceeds from the intermingling of

photographs and memories.

Much occurs by chance, while working, as layers are built up, as the materials are rendered into images.

Mistakes are an inherent part of the process .

Essential is to search for the image hidden out of sight within the painting, an image which is revealed by process, error, and surprise.

The paintings are illustrations of
the architecture of human solitude,
the archaeology of the soul
the limitless realms of internal worlds only guessed at and hidden from us.

The evanescent moment between before and after.

An inhabited silence
the poetry of solitude, though not loneliness
of how we take root in the world, day after day.

The figure as a form of landscape painting,

“the voluptuousness of looking”*.

The paintings are a means to illustrate an abstraction of time, and our presence IN time

They are about the process of painting itself.

Patricia Altschul

*Mario Rossi

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