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Bellacera Studios (Paula)



Bellacera Studios
2910 Allan Avenue
West Sacramento, CA 95691
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About Bellacera Studios (Paula)

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Ms. Bellacera grew up surrounded by her mother’s art projects, thinking it was completely normal for the dining room table to be cluttered with an array of painting and sculpting supplies.  Ms. Bellacera’s first love was photography, which she put aside for her college and graduate studies in biology, psychology, and animal behavior.  After completing a Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Tulane University her artistic interests resurfaced. She received art training at various colleges and universities in Northern California. Her interests expanded to include drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Today Ms. Bellacera is a full-time artist. Her primary medium is clay. She explains, “While all art mediums offer many opportunities for creative expression, for me, sculpting is the most liberating and fulfilling. The spontaneity and plasticity of the clay medium makes hand building a process of discovery -- full of surprises. My approach is a collaboration where the clay and I work together to discover hidden shapes and reveal emotions and personalities through animal forms. With a background in animal behavior studies and psychology I was drawn to explore animal/human connections through my art. Just as friends and acquaintances have their own distinctive traits and behaviors, each of my sculpted animals has personality and expresses a unique character. In this work, my intention is to present the best of humanity through our animal friends and to help us laugh and love our differences and ourselves.

Since the 1990s Ms. Bellacera has been exhibiting her work domestically and internationally including in Santa Fe, Chicago, Katmandu, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Her artworks have been displayed in over fifty solo and group shows. She has won several awards and has been published in exhibition catalogs, books, and magazines. She has received public art grants and been commissioned to create collections of work. Her pieces are included in dozens of private and public collections.

Paula's works are available in galleries and at her online store.

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