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Raven Tahara

Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles


Warehouse Artist Lofts
1108 R Street, #317
Sacramento, CA 95811
Weekend One

About Raven Tahara

Raven Tahara is a Sacramento based artist at the Warehouse Artist Lofts. She likes to say she dove into painting as an antidote to over 20 years of "pushing pixels" as a graphic designer. What she enjoys most about painting is the kinesthetic aspect, getting her hands dirty, and the unexpected discoveries and happy accidents that happen along the way. Raven's pieces have a tell-tale signature of energy, movement, and layered texture with themes that span from the whimsical to wide-eyed wonder. Raven often translates her layered and textural abstracts into textiles for accessories such as bags and clothing items. 

As commissions, Raven has created over 300 "SoulPrints", intuitive mixed media renderings with a symbolic reading, for people all over the world. 

Services Offered

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