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Conversations with Artists

Conversations with Artists is an online interview series to complement and promote the in-person Sac Open Studios tour. During this series, which is free to the public, regional art professionals interview Sac Open Studios artists about their artwork, inspirations, processes, and more. Each artist interview is recorded live for a virtual audience and will last approximately 15 minutes. See the schedule, featured artists, and links to register below.

Friday July 23 / 4pm – 6pm
Theme: The Natural World

Featured Artists: Rhonda Egan, Jim Darke, Annette Heacox, Mike Heacox, Nina Booth, Linda Clark Johnson

Featured Image: Jim Darke

Wednesday July 28 / 4pm – 6pm
Theme: Contemporary Craft

Featured Artists: Jeleana T. Coleman-Johnson, Janine Mapurunga (Maria Canta), Roma Devanbu, Neal Uno, Molly Stuart, Yuki Cloud

Featured Image: Janine Mapurunga (Maria Canta)

Friday July 30 / 4pm – 6:15pm
Theme: Painting and Printmaking

Featured Artists: Diego Martinez-Campos (Mitotiani), Rochelle Sherbert, Kosono Okina, Joy Kuo (Locke Art Studio), Myrtle Press, Deanna Norwood & Liz Awesome (The Run Around Room), Nikki Thompson

Featured Image: Kosono Okina

Wednesday August 4 / 4pm – 6pm
Theme: Photographic Explorations

Featured Artists: John Angell, Kate Farrall, Muzi Li Rowe, Nick Shepard, Farrell Scott, Juliet Haas

Featured Image: Juliet Haas

Friday August 6 / 11am – 12:30pm
Theme: Abstraction

Featured Artists: Cheryl Gleason, Michael Schaffer, Pam Avery, Shirley Hazlett

Featured Image: Shirley Hazlett

Wednesday August 11 / 11am – 1pm
Theme: The Figure

Featured Artists: Sarah Marie Hawkins, Varya mcmillan, Susan Silvester, John Fortes, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Maggie Jimenez

Featured Image: Sarah Marie Hawkins

Friday August 13 / 11am – 2pm
Theme: Ceramics and Sculpture

Featured Artists: Paula Bellacera, Deborah Pittman, Dave Hodapp, Kris Marubayashi, Kathleen S. Farros, Bob Thompson, Christopher Max Thompson, Iso Marcus

Featured Image: Paula Bellacera

Wednesday August 18 / 11am – 12:30pm
Theme: The Natural World

Featured Artists: Jean Wiley, Elaine Bowers, Uli Smith, Cassandra Nguyen Musto, Allison Spreadborough

Featured Image: Elaine Bowers

Friday August 20 / 4pm – 5:40pm
Theme: Colorful Compositions

Featured Artists: Judith Johnson, Carrie M. Girdler-Posey, Rod Swenson, Marc Cardinet, Jt (Jermaine Tilson)

Featured Image: Judith Johnson

Wednesday August 25 / 4pm – 5:30pm
Theme: Abstraction

Featured Artists: Carrie Ziser, Mary Rodgers-Destatte, Tasha Nichole King, Carlos Gurley

Featured Image: Tasha Nichole King

Friday August 27 / 11am – 12:30pm
Theme: Mixed Media

Featured Artists: John Criscitello, Melani Grube, Kanika Marshall, Cherie Hacker, Heather Hogan

Featured Image: John Criscitello

Wednesday September 1 / 4pm – 5:30pm
Theme: Mixed Media

Featured Artists: Jodi Connelly, Joseph Bellacera, Camille Martin, Melissa Uroff

Featured Image: Jodi Connelly

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