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Painting, Paper, Textiles, Watercolor


The Wax Studio
11063 Fiore Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95825
2023 Open Studio:


Watch Judy's Conversations With Artists Video Here

Judy’s area of expertise and professional work life were centered around computers and technical writing.  Once she picked up a paint brush, she left the other world behind and never looked back. 

“Shapes, Colors and texture intrigue me plus I love animals, so they do pop into my artwork as well.”  In trying to conquer abstract compositions she might let collage lead the way and then begin the process of painting over and around pieces of paper and fiber.  Cold wax and oil have been coming to the fore more recently and she has found that these mediums have allowed her to expand her subject matter.

You will find Judy moving effortlessly between painting representationally and pushing her imagination with abstract work.   Her artwork has been called painterly, inventive, fun and colorful, with a little wit thrown in on the side.  “I want to have fun creating my art and for those who see it to have fun as well.  I hope viewers will do the same thing I do when I finish a painting—smile.”

Services Offered

Takes Commissions, Teaches Classes

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