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Junnior Navarro



Ghost Ink Company
3020 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95818
2024 Open Studio: Weekend One

About Junnior Navarro


Eli Linares Navarro (Monclova, Coahuila, México,1988), best known as Junnior Navarro, based in Sacramento CA, has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and visual arts from Universidad TecMilenio.

Junnior Navarro is an experienced artist whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Mexico, Belgium, Cuba and France. In addition, his art has been featured in publications such as The San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento News & Review, Fox News, El Norte, etc. 


My artwork is about my mexican roots.

“When I talk about My Roots, I refer to the essence of my customs, my influences, my family and my way of life”.

My art is a body of work of my Mexican Heritage. I like to create memories of my childhood and I want to provide the viewer with a creative perspective of the life I lived, and I live through my artwork.  

I work on canvas of various sizes which acrylic paint is more prevalent. 

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