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Kathleen S. Farros



I Street Art Studios
1727 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
2024 Open Studio: Weekend One

About Kathleen S. Farros

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As an artist, I am inspired and create work about the human condition & spirit, often using idiomatic expressions and surrealistic juxtapositions of imagery with flora & fauna. Concepts drive my art, whether working in 3-d with ceramics and assemblage or in 2-d with acrylics or printmaking. Expressing personal and social emotions, sometimes soulful and other times humorous, guides me.

I am influenced by the world, past & present, real & dream.  Following the Funk Artists in the 70's at U. C. Davis, I have been influenced and inspired, over the years. Expressing personal and emotional thoughts, working with a sense of humor, dealing with ambiguity, utilizing assemblage--all concepts the Funk artists utilized-- is integral my art.

I chose to attend U. C. Davis to work with the artists of the art department and primarily, Wayne Thiebuad in painting. In the first quarter, I was not  given one of his classes I had requested-so I enrolled with Robert Arneson.  From that point on, I took every class offered with "Mr. Arneson", and Independent studies to further my skills.  My eyes were opened to sculpture, but with always attention to the painted surface.  

Following college, I worked with a key mentor, David Gilhooly, in studio work, critique sessions, gallery opportunities, and networking. While working on a masters at CSU Sacramento, I also worked with Peter VandenBurge.  Culminating a masters in art-both in studying fine art and art education, I continued to teach and create.

Education and giving to the communities has been an integral part of my life. I have been an educator, both in the classroom and in leadership roles, at the administrative level within the school and  in organizations throughout California. Whether teaching children or adults in art concepts and techniques, adults in best educational practices, creating communication systems, or working on acceptable behaviors in youth, my goal was and is always to inspire.  

My art has recurring imagery, which is inspirational in nature. When using ready-mades for assemblage, concepts are still expressed. Often, assemblages are combined with clay and painted surfaces.  Fish are utilized, representing a deeper awareness of the unconscious, journeying, transformation, and rebirth, happiness, and fertility.  Vegetables also represent many of these concepts and many additional ones. Corn, asparagus, artichokes are used consistently. For example, corn represents connection, asparagus- in ancient Greece was connected to Aphrodite & love, artichokes represent a strong heart.  Subject matter is chosen with intent-- consciously and subconsciously. Symbolic painted surfaces with blue skies and vibrant sunsets are rendered to create mood.  My pieces are surrealistic in nature, with juxtapositions combining flora and fauna. 

Surrealistic forms come from the subconscious mind--inspiration evolves from the world we live in, the people we encounter, and the experiences life give us.  I strive to integrate, inspire, and communicate through each of my pieces.

Services Offered

Takes Commissions, Teaches Classes

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