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Lorraine Luna

Ceramics, Sculpture


Whistlingdeer Studios
2860 Canvasback Way
West Sacramento, CA 95691
2024 Open Studio: Weekend One

About Lorraine Luna

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Textile design and a Master's Degree in Transformative Art.  I worked as a weaver and interned at the De Young Museum as a textile conservator.  I jumped ship when I had to take a second course in organic chemistry in order to apply to the Conservation Program. At the same time I wanted my weaving to be 3 dimensional and began to weave with wire.  A friend told me about a ceramic studio near me and that was the beginning of my work in clay. My inspiration comes from paying attention plants, animals, and changes in the landscape as time goes by.  When I pay close attention to what is happening around me, in my garden, in the skies, who is flying where, do they have a nest nearby?  I feel the joy of being a part of the beauty and cycles around me.

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